Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've recently hopped back onto Facebook after a 3 week-long hiatus.
I can't put my finger on what it is exactly that always brings me back after about the same amount of time. It's like my body can't handle being off of the thing for more than a few weeks.

I don't want to make excuses for myself. Absolutely yes, Facebook is a great tool to maintain contact with people who are, say, hundreds of miles away from you and whom you don't get to see very often. Yes, it is a great way to be able to encourage and affirm others with short messages, wall posts and Likes. Yes, it is a convenient way to remain notified about ongoing events in your community and within your peer group; bowling outings, ski trips, church events, etc.
But just like many other addictions, the pitfall of Facebook does not lie in some sinister, inherent evil of the thing; the way Facebook becomes an addiction and idol is when it is used in any way beyond its intended purpose (which, I do not believe was to stalk people).

I've blogged several times on my various blogs on the subject of Facebook and my inability to have a consistently-healthy relationship with it. The problem of this generation of rampant technological progression and technological obsession is that people just go along with the flow; wanting what the newest, coolest, fastest THING is. We are pulled in so many different directions and, I feel, stretched so thin. We don't even realize, because all around us our friends, family, coworkers are all being pulled as well.

It's a sloooooow thing, but I want to progressively break my ties to these distractions and be focused on the reason for my existence, the purpose for life. Rather than being subconsciously pulled and spread out and throwing my attention to whatever is the flashiest thing at the moment, let me instead be centered on my Source and intentionally, deliberately reach out to touch. Let me be so concentrated on this One Thing that it may empower me and give me clarity of vision to use these technologies, social networks, and control my use of these tools in a positive and productive way rather than be controlled by them.

I am seeing the sweet challenges of being a follower of Christ in this world. EVERYTHING about him is counter-cultural, and he calls us to go and do likewise. Because my natural disposition is one of concession and sensitivity and general weakness (UGH!) I struggle with going against the grain in anything. In the past I would have been perfectly happy to go with the flow and fool myself into believing that it was a loving thing to have an open mind and be able to see everyone's opinions while not having any of my own. In this case, it would just be so easy to (continue to) throw away massive amounts of precious time on stalking and flipping through pictures and mindlessly wander around the world that is Facebook. I am certain that there are many thousands of others out there doing the same.

But I refuse to waste my life. Not because I need to feel "accomplished" or "productive" but because this life is the only one I have here on earth and God has entrusted it to ME.

In conclusion, Facebook will remain active... for now. I think just like many other aspects of the Christian walk, time management and appropriate use of Stuff will be an ongoing battle.

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